The Transcription for Paleographical and Editorial Notation (T‑PEN) project was coordinated by the Center for Digital Theology at Saint Louis University (SLU) and funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the NEH. The Electronic Norman Anonymous Project developed several abilities at the core of this project's functionality.

    T‑PEN is released under ECL v.2.0 as free and open-source software (git), the primary instance of which is maintained by SLU at T‑PEN.org.

    T‑PEN is currently (2022) maintained by the Research Computing Group at Saint Louis University.

  • User Agreement

    Conditions of Use

    As a T‑PEN user, you agree to use T‑PEN, its tools and services, for their intended purpose. You will not use T‑PEN for illegal purposes. You will not use T‑PEN to obtain digital images or transcription data without permission or to void any Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) governing one or more of the digital collections to which T‑PEN provides access. Furthermore, you agree not to infringe on the rights of other T‑PEN users through your own use of T‑PEN. You also agree that any action that does contravene these conditions of use may result in the suspension and even deletion of your T‑PEN account.

    You agree to abide by the IPR conditions that govern access to, and use of, digital images in each individual Digital Repository that have their manuscripts listed and displayed in T‑PEN. Those notices are displayed when you request access to a manuscript of that repository for the first time.

    Intellectual Property and Permissions

    You grant permission to Saint Louis University (SLU) to store your transcription data on a SLU server. Even if you elect to keep your work completely private, you give permission to SLU to use your work as an index for searching the manuscripts that T‑PEN has processed. Your transcription data will never be displayed without your express permission, but instead will be used to search and display the image of the line of the manuscript that matches the search query. When search results are displayed, your username will be cited as the transcription used in the search, but no other personal data you have provided for your T‑PEN account will ever be displayed. Your username is defined as the initial letter of your first name and your surname.

    You grant permission for SLU to share your transcription data with the Digital Repository where the digital manuscript resides. The Digital Repository is prohibited form using any transcription data for commercial purposes nor can they distribute it without obtaining your permission.

    You grant permission to the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to have access to, keep copies of, and distribute your transcription data. This IPR transfer is necessary should SLU, for some unforeseen reason, be unable to provide access to your transcription in the future; at which point the Mellon Foundation would be have the permissions to provide access to your data stored in T‑PEN's server. This IPR transfer, however, prohibits the Mellon Foundation from using your transcription data for commercial purposes.

    License to Use Transcription Data

    SLU grants you an unlimited license to use any and all transcription data created under your username for non-commercial purposes. You may export your transcription data using T‑PEN's export functions and disseminate it in any electronic or print format.

    This unlimited license cannot be interpreted as a license to gain access to repositories or individual manuscript images that are protected by subscription or conditions external to T‑PEN functionality.


    SLU will never share your personal information that you provide to T‑PEN without your express written permission. This includes your full name, complete email address and list of projects and/or transcriptions. Users who elect to collaborate with other users on projects agree to share their full name and email address with their collaborators.


    As a T‑PEN user, you indemnify SLU, its affiliates and employees from any liability for damage to your computer and/or any information stored therein because of your use of T‑PEN as a web-based application.

  • Support/Maintenance Team
    T-PEN 2.8-3.0

    Patrick Cuba, IT Architect
    Research Computing Group, Saint Louis University
    Bryan Haberberger, Full Stack Developer
    Research Computing Group, Saint Louis University
  • Support/Maintenance Team
    T-PEN 2.0-2.8

    Dr. Jim Ginther, Principal Investigator
    Director, Center for Digital Theology, Saint Louis University
    Dr. Thomas Finan, Principal Investigator (2016-present)
    Director, Walter J. Ong S.J. Center for Digital Humanities, Saint Louis University
    Donal Hegarty, Project Manager/UX Designer
    Walter J. Ong S.J. Center for Digital Humanities, Saint Louis University
    Patrick Cuba, Lead Developer
    Walter J. Ong S.J. Center for Digital Humanities, Saint Louis University
    Bryan Haberberger, Web Developer
    Walter J. Ong S.J. Center for Digital Humanities, Saint Louis University
    Han Yan, Web Developer
    Walter J. Ong S.J. Center for Digital Humanities, Saint Louis University
  • Development Team
    T-PEN 2.0

    Dr. Jim Ginther, Principal Investigator
    Director, Center for Digital Theology, Saint Louis University
    Dr. Abigail Firey, co-Principal Investigator
    CCL Project Director, University of Kentucky
    Dr. Tomás O’Sullivan, Research Fellow (2010-11)
    Center for Digital Theology, Saint Louis University
    Dr. Alison Walker, Research Fellow (2011-12)
    Center for Digital Theology, Saint Louis University
    Michael Elliot, Research Assistant
    University of Toronto
    Meredith Gaffield, Research Assistant
    University of Kentucky
    Jon Deering, Senior Developer
    Center for Digital Theology, Saint Louis University
    Patrick Cuba, Web Developer
    Research Computing Group, Saint Louis University
  • Contributors

    Parker Library on the Web
    Codices Electronici Ecclesiae Coloniensis
    Harvard Houghton Library
    SISF - Assisi
    Stanford University Libraries
  • Site Elements


    T‑PEN will continue to add tools for transcription as regular feature releases. Please contact us if you would like to see a particular tool integrated with the transcription interface.


    Manuscript images displayed on T‑PEN are not the property of T‑PEN, but are linked through agreement from hosting repositories. The User Agreement describes the users' rights to these images.

    All images used or composited in the design of T‑PEN originated in the public domain. Individuals who wish to use portions of this site's design are encouraged to seek out the original source file to adapt. Using the T‑PEN logo or any of its design elements with the purposes of deceiving, defrauding, defaming, phishing, or otherwise misrepresenting the T‑PEN project is prohibited.


    The T‑PEN logo displayed on each page and the variant on the home page was assembled by committee and is an identifying mark. The tyrannosaurus is used with permission from Mineo Shiraishi at Dinosaur Central.com.

    Source Code

    All code generated by the T‑PEN Development Team is covered by license as described in the User Agreement. This project makes use of several public libraries.